The Comedy Loft, Camden, London

The Comedy Loft in Camden has got lots of things going for it.
It serves food; burgers, nachos, chicken wings, falafels – we ate and it was good quality.
The drinks are reasonably priced for central London – and you can pre-order them and have them delivered to your table during the intervals. Very sophisticated!
The show starts at 8pm, which is enough time to get a couple of drinks and chat before the start.
The 8 o’clock start means that the crowd is still restrained enough for the performers to deliver their acts without having to shout over drunks and sober enough that if there is a heckler there is a chance that they might be funny.
The reception and service were the best I’ve ever had in a comedy club.
The comedians were funny – that’s always good in a comedy show.
Finally, if after all this, you still haven’t had good night; it’s in Camden, so you are very likely to get offered drugs on your way back to the tube!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome place to see some comedy! Its been ages since I got out and saw some, but this post has me looking up where I can see local gigs. They are really cheap too 😀

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