Miles better pies, Te Anu, South Island, New Zealand

The quality and choice of pies in this shop is excellent. They are fresh home made and have lots of filling. We had the lamb mince and cheese, and the vegetable both of us agreed they were the best pies we’d had in ages. The perfect reward for finishing the Kepler Trail!Be aware though, that the milk shakes are made with milk and a fruit syrup, so not as thick as you might expect if you are used to them made with fresh fruit.
However, it is a pie shop and the pies are spectacular!

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  1. Hi, can’t believe this article. You are right about the pie shop, it was just so good. We were in Te Anau for 2 days as part of our JWalking road trip ( and visited the shop twice! Best pies ever (probably). Actually really liked the whole town. Miss those pies though!!

    1. We are currently in Manapouri and going on Doubtful Sound tomorrow. I really love your blog, it is so professional. It looks great and enjoyable to read. I am hoping to start one about our travel around New Zealand and will be reading and watching yours for inspiration. If I can get it anywhere near as good as yours I will be proud!

      1. Thanks Nick, appreciate the kind comments. Have a great time on Doubtful Sound tomorrow. Some locals said its the best trip to do in NZ so lets hope so.

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